Welcome to our Produce Department

We hand select the finest produce from around the world and from local farmers.

Only The Freshest Flavors Make Our Store

From perfectly ripe tomatoes to mouth-watering mangos, only the freshest flavors make our store. At Sun Mart Foods we hand select the finest produce from around the world to make sure you and your family can experience the flavors of nature as they were intended: fragrant, ripe and naturally delicious.

There's more. Check out:

Organic Produce

We offer at least 150 varieties of organic produce. In addition, we are proud to feature many seasonal, locally-grown varieties of organic produce.

Cut Fruit

Our cut fruit packaging is made from corn-based materials that are biodegradable. These quick, on-the-go items are cut at the peak of their flavor to ensure the best taste.

Bulk Foods

Visit our bulk foods section for a wide selection of natural and organic whole foods. Look for choices like oats, grains, rice, trail mix, granola and more.

Locally-Grown and Locally-Sourced Products

We offer a variety of products that are from local farms and manufacturers. Checkout our seasonal and everyday selections.


Work more healthy and nutritious veggies into your family's diet with tips on buying and storing, along with delicious, kid-friendly recipes.

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